Pet Surgery in the Pooler, GA Area

If your pet needs surgery, there’s no need to panic or stress. When you bring your beloved companion to the team at Pooler Veterinary Hospital, your pet is always in good, steady hands. Our doctors are trained and experienced in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. 

Our surgical suite is designed from both a client and patient perspective. We are here to reassure you and your pet that surgery will be safe, successful and as pain-free as possible. 

Discuss Surgery Prep with Our Vet Office.

Whenever we operate, we use our heated surgery table, monitor every vital parameter, and place your pet under anesthesia to minimize the possibility of complications. After surgery, we will provide the appropriate pain medications and keep your pet comfortable until they can be easily cared for at home. Pain medication is not optional, hugs and kisses are mandatory.

For professional pet surgery, contact us to schedule an appointment. When you arrive to our veterinary office we will answer any and all questions you may have, and we’ll discuss what you can expect for your pet’s surgery. 
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