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Pooler Veterinary Hospital is a family owned practice that is proud to provide wellness, medicine and surgical services to the loved pets of the Pooler / Bloomingdale / Greater Savannah area. We believe the best health care will lead to a longer and better quality of life for us all. Therefore, it is our mission to provide state of the art care for the pets that inevitably become a part of our families. With this in mind, we have taken every effort to make you and your pet feel at home in our hospital. We think you will appreciate our efforts as soon as you arrive. We are waiting to serve you in any way we can. Please browse our services and call soon to set up an appointment.

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Pooler Veterinary Hospital

Pooler Veterinary Hospital

Pooler Veterinary Hospital

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Our family....caring for yours.

Our Individual Staff Members

Sarah Warnell

Growing up on a farm led to Sarah’s passion for both domestic and wild animals. After graduating from high school, Sarah received an A.A.S. in both Wildlife/Plantation Management and in Agribusiness from Ogeechee Technical College. While in college, she interned with a local wildlife rehabilitation center. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, […]

Chelsea Matzen, RVT

Chelsea has always had a love for animals, but especially horses. When her family moved to Bulloch County in 2001, they were able to get four horses. At this point it became clear what she wanted her career to be. Chelsea graduated high school and enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program at Ogeechee Technical College. […]

Dr. Myra Burnsed, DVM

Dr. Myra Burnsed knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at the age of 5 years old and passionately pursued her dream. This dream was ignited by living on a small farm where she was surrounded by animals of all species, shapes, and sizes. Her dream of becoming a veterinarian was nurtured by her grandfathers, […]

Dr. Michael Ammermon, DVM

Dr. Ammermon started his undergraduate study with aspirations to become a pediatrician. He grew up in a very small town and always had an affinity for animals of all shapes and sizes. Out of necessity, he took a job with a veterinarian to help pay his tuition and living expenses while in college. It was […]


The right service for the right need.


Preventive care at it’s best

Wellness care is what we, as pet owners, can provide to keep our pets as healthy as possible. It includes semi-annual examinations, vaccinations and parasite screening to help limit preventable diseases. In our south-east region, it also includes providing year-round parasite preventatives that will keep our pets from contracting heartworms, fleas and intestinal parasites. After your pet has its’ first exam with us, we will send timely reminders to let you know what is recommended for wellness care. It can be a lot to keep track of, so we take care of it for you.


In good, steady hands

When we designed our surgical suite, we did so from a client and patient perspective. We have a heated surgery table and monitors that would be sufficient in a human hospital. Every vital parameter is monitored from the second your pet is placed under anesthesia. This is to minimize any possibility of complications. We are experienced in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. After surgery, we will provide appropriate pain medications and keep your pet comfortable until they can be easily cared for at home. Pain medication is not optional, hugs and kisses are mandatory.


The right diagnosis

Our pets can’t tell us what they are feeling, so underlying health conditions can often go unnoticed. Blood work is often part of a thorough medical work-up to determine the status of their internal health. We have an in-house laboratory that will be able to provide blood test results in as little as 20 minutes. Routine blood work will allow us to monitor changing trends with their internal organ function and prevent the progression of diseases such as liver or kidney insufficiency. It can also be an invaluable service when your pet is ill and needs an immediate diagnostic assessment. We are able to quickly review the lab results and discuss a treatment plan with you that is customized to your pets condition. If you would like a copy of the results emailed to you, we can do that too!

Mobile Services

Your pet, our care, your place

We understand there is no comfort like our own homes. Routine services such as wellness visits can be performed in your home! We will likely be coming to your area once a month. There is an additional charge, depending on the distance traveled from our hospital, but for households with multiple pets, it may be worth it. You decide. If your pet is acting ill, urgent care is needed. We encourage you to bring them in to our hospital so that we may utilize our in-house diagnostics to quickly diagnose and treat their condition. Immediate action will greatly improve their prognosis for recovery. If needed, we can hospitalize them for continued treatment and monitoring.


Advanced imaging immediately

X-rays are used view the internal structures of the human and animal body. Over the past few decades x-ray technology used has improved by leaps and bounds. We are currently providing the most advanced radiography available. We use digital radiography to obtain detailed views of the chest, abdomen and skeletal structure. With digital x-rays, we are able to pick up on very minor details that may be missed with conventional forms of x-ray. We enjoy reviewing the x-ray findings with you in the exam room. If you would like a copy of the x-rays to take home, we can e-mail them directly to you or put them on a CD. They are yours to keep.


In house and in stock

Our in-hospital pharmacy is fully stocked with everything from flea and tick preventatives to antibiotics and pain management drugs for use while your friend is in our care. And best of all, the Pooler Veterinary Hospital pharmacy features the added assurance and guidance that comes with a trained veterinary staff. We’ll always be happy to answer your questions, because we know our pharmacy supply from top to bottom. Our doctors pay close attention to each medication we stock, ensuring that you’ll only find quality products at use and available for prescription at our clinic – something that’s never guaranteed by the big online suppliers.

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